WHS Training
Face to face or online training, tailored to meet your needs

Workplace training is particularly important. Always Safe WHS training will suit you specific needs, all competencies are designed and created in a unique way that will deliver an immediate and positive impact to your workplace. If you are a person or a business organisation that needs clear and defining performance in Workplace Safety and its areas of measurement, you need our training systems to assist you and enliven workplace safety performance. Our workplace training systems are succinct yet potent in delivering desired outcomes in workplace performance. We are able to turn disinterested workers into enthusiastic participants in no time at all, and take safety in an already learning environment to new heights of safety efficiency..!

Work Health and Safety Training that we offer embraces:-

  • Diploma WHS BSBWHS51315,
  • Cert IV WHS BSBWHS41415,
  • WHS Risk Management for Managers and Supervisors,
  • Workplace Safety Leadership,
  • Customised training packages to meet all your needs,
  • Work Health and Safety Committee Training, and
  • Safety Facts workshop.

Every worker in Australia needs workplace information, training and instruction. WHS Regulation 39 directs us to conform to this requirement. Always Safe is in the business of providing information, training and instruction on your behalf. Our methods are engaging and do not put the room to sleep, but rather turns heads on to being always safe. There is a realisation in the minds of employees, when they finally switch on to our safety ethos, that they are the architect of their own workplace safety destiny. With a few new potentially lifesaving habits, they and you too, will be a workplace safety successor - able to deliver Always Safe WHS quality and productivity.

Call us now to discuss all your safety training needs, so that safety performance issues in your workplace can be addressed through tailored safety training solutions. We will be happy to come to your organisation and assist in keeping your team focussed and motivated on safety.

Think Safe, Behave Safe and get “Always Safe”.

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