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Simplified to better manage Workplace risk

Businesses in Australia have a duty to manage and control workplace and work-task risk at all levels. Always Safe have on offer a range of systems that they are able to supply to you along with other quality products. Our preference it to source products from Australian companies and suppliers. With this we bring to you global innovation and the latest in technological advancements in Workplace Health and Safety. Ultimately, this enables you to maintain the highest levels and standards of safety technology in your workplace.

Currently we are able to make available to you electronic WHS management systems, which can be thought of as an online compliance system.

Features of the system including

  • Pre-loaded Documents
  • Employee Management System
  • Risk Management Section
  • Action Register
  • Incident and Reports module
  • Contractor Management System
  • Plant and Equipment, SWMS and Chemical Management Registers
  • Environmental Management
  • Checklist and Meeting Builders

This Total Quality Management System designed by “Online WHS” and supplied through Always Safe, is user friendly easy to learn and cost effective. The data is stored at a state of the art data centre located in Sydney, Australia.

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